Sitting talking with a friend about the unique qualities of each individual and the beauty of how God designed vs. defined people. There are so many ways that culture would seek to define us as having one way of showing beauty, but if we listen to this voice we miss out on the possibilities of created beauty and how that beauty reflects and has the potential to call forth a unique aspect of the beauty of God.

All we have to do is look at nature and all the creativity that calls us to remember that beauty is more than something defined, it is completely designed and something that we are meant to discover.


– Sallie Adams –

The leaves in the air, collect in conversation
like tissue-skinned executives in a steam-bath
Carrying their weight to lament.
Birds hawk, and the dry ground
Is scalier than their alienated notes soaring
Their nest in the jem-colored maples.
In the autumn everything is suppressed.
Even the sun’s yellow appearance.
Field-corn turns to pith
And the bug-heaped haystacks are reduced to slums;
Reminding us all identities are contradictions in
The seasonal world the foreign world where empathy is the only tourist
Who can temper a number of magnanimous forces can honor each for its own uniqueness.


Thank you Sallie…your words help me to remember to look for beauty in every face I see.