Went to dinner last night with three beautiful women. We talked of life and the things that are current challenges we face. I left feeling gratitude for the ability to find words that can free the things that ache within us to be discovered and defined.

We each held our own stories in a place of valuing where God is leading us, but each not knowing what that fully means.

Can we live passionately, without knowing fully the destination we will arrive at?

Can we hold dreams, of what we long for, in a way that they do not choke us?

Can we share the words of each other, honoring the space needed to “explore” their meanings?

Dinner was amazing and artistic, creatively feeding our senses and passion for beauty. The words crafted their own beauty, making spaces within that are held for future moments that will continue to reveal more as we engage with one another and hold the sacred questions we each uniquely carry of our own season in life.

The company, the words and the questions fulfilled the restaurant’s name Sanctuary.