Recently at a conference I was commenting on the scientific differences that have been recorded through PET scans on men/women’s brain during orgasm. While there is still much to study in this area, the overall findings surprise the scientist in that the exact opposite areas of the male/female brain light up during an orgasm.

The major area of a woman’s brain that becomes activated is the cerebellum. One of the most surprising elements was  the overall deactivation in the other regions of the brain like the amygdala which process emotions.

For men there is increased activation in the overall brain including the amygdala, but a deactivation in the cerebellum.

Gert Holstege of the University of Groningen findings are a fascinating initial look into some of the intricate ways that the male/female brain functions during this very intimate and vulnerable act of orgasm.

It continues to remind me that our Creator’s creativity is limitless and literally beyond definition.