One of the most beautiful things about sleep is that it refreshes and renews the body. Like high octane fuel for a race car, sleep provides the fuel of energy to our bodies by allowing blood to course freely in and through every part of our body without restrictions of clothes, posture or tension.

The penis is packed with blood vessels and it is common for men to wake with an erection, if they are experiencing healthy blood flow throughout the rest of their body. This does not mean that they woke thinking about sex, yet from a place of relaxation and rest they “wake” and become aware of their body.

I have found it common that both men and women misunderstand this natural part of the male anatomy and it can often lead to shame. There is a beauty in recognizing that part of how men’s physical health is observed is through how they have an erection. One of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction is stress and is something that men need to pay attention to and work with a doctor, if it persists.

Designed by God’s hand, and from within the truest essence of our identity, this strong and gentle reminder can free us to “see with new eyes” the wonder of the male body.