Sex feels good!

The physicalness of sex is expressed in movies, books and internet – displayed as a powerful force pulling us towards another. Is IT (the sexual force) more than physical? Does the “sexual tension” of wanting to respond to another have something to teach us about who we are?

The chemicals in our brain that respond to physical attraction are real and reveal the interweaving engagement of mind/body.  It is the force of this chemical attraction that challenges each of us to engage with God’s design in an active and informed way.

Genesis 1:26 states that humankind is made in the image of God and specifically calls us to, “…rule over…every creeping thing that creeps on earth.” God’s view of us as men and women, is that we are capable of ruling the earth and all that is within it. We have been given an authority and are designed to do this. Might God also have given us the capacity to wrestle with our own sexual energy? How would God want us to acknowledge both the dangers and power of what is created within us?

I once saw a one-armed tiger tamer masterfully display his “rule over” a 300 pound beast as he guided him to perform exercises. Curious how he had lost his arm, he revealed it was his loss of focus in ruling the beast that resulted in the lion attacking and mauling him.

To deny the engagement of mind/body in our sexuality is to deny the power of that which “creeps on earth” and abdicate our God-given authority to rule. It is when our focus is turned from the Creator that the “created” consumes us.

What might the engagement have to teach us?