Had a call this morning from the publishing house, that Holy Sexuality Beginning with Questions is now at the printers. After a month of unexpected set-backs I experienced three random emotions simultaneously:




I think all three of these are appropriate, but it is their interchange that I find interesting. The compulsion to jump with joy can be dangerous when terror makes one want to flee – all at the same moment – potentially I could physically injure myself.

So I am going to remind myself these next seven days, as I wait to receive the first printed copy, to honor the extremes and allow them to tutor me. To pause at the threshold, “to be comfortable with uncertainty today requires courage.”

Humbled by all the experiences that have ushered this moment present. I want the emotions to recognize that I choose to frolic within gratitude as I hold them.

Will let you know when it is in stock and available for purchase.

Could make for some great ¬†Christmas dinner conversations…