There are so many choices of what we read AND how we will allow words to impact us.

Like  junkies looking for a fix,we can use words to fill the swirling silence within us. Desperately seeking to take from them, we grab, hold and pause for a moment to let them fill-up and cover the silence within. Other’s words become the focus rather than the silence within holding relevance.

Or like a bulimic we consume massive quantities in short periods of time not noticing the texture or taste, but upon feeling full we quickly force them out and into our next conversation, without allowing them time to nourish us.

I call this word bulimicism (if you look in the dictionary you will not find this word – I made it up).

Personally I have numerous news sources that I allow to inform me as well as relationships and phone conversations that feed into my daily life and yet I wonder how much time do I really give to allowing other’s words to

change me…

challenge me…

comfort me…

It is raining today, I have emails, proposals, questions and phone calls to answer and yet I find that I need to notice the words that are speaking to me, nourishing me. So here are the words that I am holding today:

A friend reminded me – “The clouds are overflowing with life and so they rain.”

A phone call of desperation – “Can I ever experience healing out of this mess I have created?”

A blog – “Silence is the furnace of transformation.”

A tweet – “Once a man is united to God, how could he not live forever?” C.S. Lewis

So I am choosing to honor these words today, holding them all together within the same space and realize that they belong together and I am meant to hold them, notice them and allow them to teach me.

Words that linger

I want to continue to learn how to hold words and silence, making sure to notice the difference between consuming and communing.