I know this guy.

He loves to sail.

For 30+ years he has been fascinated by wind and water. He watches the water for how the wind moves, anticipates the sails filling and how the boat will be taken to a more intense angle–and increase in speed.

It is the elements that have taught him, returning that causes him to keep learning but it is desire that keeps bringing him back.

I marvel at these qualities in this man who was raised on the plains of Kansas and once feared the water.  Wheat fields were his playground and water starved farm land was his landscape. He talks of having puddles and watering troughs to swim in as a child. But lakes and water were not a part of his upbringing.

What caused this love for water and wind?

Where did he learn to be so astute and aware?

At the helm

I think that deep within all of us is a desire to learn, to be stretched and to reach for what seems impossible. Yet so often these first stirrings of desire are quickly crushed and silenced by the many questions of logic that share the same breath.

Desire shows up in strange ways and we are invited to notice. Yet the fruit of desire is only seen when the seeds of desire begin to multiply and others are drawn towards this same desire. Desire always utilizes the power of inviting others to participate. What does our desire invite others into?

A Kansas boy, that once feared swimming, being able to captain a boat?

This guy is my husband and today I celebrate his birthday, but what I celebrate most about him is his desire – how it:

Happy Birthday Captain

  • engages with and births life…
  • teaching men to be captains…
  • invites men to risk learning from the wind and water…
  • experiencing others participating in their own lessons…

Here is to celebrating the deepest roots of desire I see in you and how illogical it is that the plains of Kansas would produce a captain with the desire to sail.

What potential of life does desire hold?