He likes blue.

I like black.

He avoids change.

I love change.

He works with numbers.

Numbers confuse me.

He shrinks my clothes in the dryer.

I throw out his old torn jeans.

Differences are good…


Okay sometimes differences are a nuisance, a bit annoying and honestly completely frustrating. Could these differences be more than just something we carefully navigate to avoid disturbances? Could they be explorations that have something to teach us?

As a woman I have a unique perspective, one that comes from the complicated way in which my brain is wired. Yet made in the image of God, my being complicated must be part of what speaks about who God is.

Men in their own perspective, and how their brain is wired in a more direct and compartmentalized way, also bears a very unique portion of the image of God.

How is it that often we allow differences to create huge cavities that divide us rather than teaching us about the vastness of who God IS? What if we are seeking to “fit” God into our capacity of comprehension rather than experience the fullness of identity within men and women?

He rides a Harley 300 miles a day.

I make it an hour on the Hog and my bum hurts.

I love theatre, ballet and folk.

He prefers the 70’s on his iPod.

He likes Corona.

I like Guiness.

Walking with you....

Differences are characteristics that distinguish us from each other. They shape how we interact and engage making space to see one another.

My daily choice…

Will I hold these differences, without judgement?

Really depends on the day, but somehow I know that in this sacred space of truly “seeing another” the differences reflect a fuller image of God and….it is good, so very good!