It is Advent season the story of Mary…a baby…a birth…fill our pulpits.


These words of Thomas Merton appeared in my inbox this morning

“The word of God…penetrating our inmost being is more than a communication of light: it is a new birth, the beginning of a new being.”

It made me wonder~

How did Mary, this young, uneducated girl from one of the poorest regions of that time know the scriptures so well? Her utterance in Luke recounts ancient Psalms and articulates their correlation to the Savior she carries, yet to be born.

How did these words utter forth from her? Where did she find them? How did she traverse the years of study to match their truth to this time? I imagine that she would have heard the Hebrew writings in passing or possibly as her brothers studied, but as a woman, she herself would not have had the tutoring to study and learn the significance of these things.

Mary was penetrated with the seed of God.


In saying, “yes” to carry this life within, it dislodged and changed something that stretched and shaped her body.

Did it also shape and stretch her knowledge of the Word from within?

Did the seed she carried now stir to life the sacredness of Psalm’s words?


What seeds of life do we carry within, creating a new beginning…