After my last post on Sunday about teenage girls, I have been feeling like there is a bit more to say, a bit more to wonder about. So pardon me as I dwell for just a little longer on the complexity and design of how women (and that one special thing that happens monthly) were created…

This mysterious monthly cycle that ushers young girls into womanhood is often mislabeled and misunderstood. My own story of getting my period during third hour science class could be any girl’s story of her first encounter with her period. What’s so unfortunate is that we’ve been taught to see the inconvenience and messiness of this monthly event while failing to see the beauty that is resting beneath.

Ok so yes… this cycle is often like a roller coaster…. yes, emotions can often seem like tsunamis that sweep over us… and yes it often includes messy moments of gushes and leaking… (sorry about the visual there).

But at the very core of what is happening…there is something else. There is a miracle happening each month mysteriously hidden—but very real.

Pubescent girls receive a dose of hormones that structurally alters their physical bodies with noticeable changes—sculpting curves, breasts that fill out and growth of pubic hair. Yet, deep inside, hidden away from view, something more is being carved out and molded in preparation to carry life.

Do we want to even admit that our daughters, these sweet young things, will possibly some day be mothers themselves?

On a monthly basis a woman’s womb is intricately being readied to the possibility, the anticipation of being the dwelling place for a child. Each month the inner womb of a woman sloughs off the lining of the uterus and the result is a time of bleeding. Jewish tradition calls this the womb weeping for life. God entrusted women to bring forth life by having our bodies be the very vessel though which life emerges forth.

Maybe teenage girls need to be celebrated and invited to embark on their life as a women, by women who have gone before them and know what it means to hold the beauty and the mess of bleeding—yet value both.

What would it look like to paint a picture of value for this monthly cycle, respecting the hidden parts of a woman’s body? Honoring the creation of strong and healthy gestation stations…

I believe that how girls are invited towards this threshold and also invited to crossover is a sacred part of being a woman. Let’s face it, women we are complicated beings—mysterious and messy is not bad, but rather God even says that after all had been made, including women and our bodily functions, “…it is good, so very good.”

What might happen if we empowered young girls with a language that honors their body and the sacred ways in which it is uniquely fashioned to carry life, to hold and release life and to give birth to life?

This is a risky call, but there is no need for panic. Do we women, with daughters of our own, know how to do this?? This might mean that we have to reclaim and honor our own bodies in the process…maybe our teenage girls are giving us a gift that we are invited to return to and claim.

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~ b.