Mother’s Day always that takes me back…

Why did I become a mother?

Was I chosen or did I make this happen?

What is a mother really?

And does bearing a child automatically mean being a mother?

Scripture is filled with images of mothers and their engagement with children–with varied outcomes, but the obvious correlation is that we are continually being reminded of God’s love for us.

I believe the Bible is continuing to ask us to see the heart of God. This heart, defined not by gender, but by the capacity to love embodied in both father and mother as the full love of a Creator, to us — the created.

We are created to need a kind of love that is beyond what one human being can give to another.

Physically, I have two lovely beautiful daughters that I adore! I am daily reminded of ways their lives have stretched more than my physical body. It’s my daughters’ very lives, needs and questions that have revealed how little I knew about being a mother.

The walls of home no longer contain daily shrills of laughter and peanut butter fingerprints. My schedule is absent of soccer matches and piano lessons. My sleep patterns are no longer interrupted by the late night squeaky floorboards and a cough from the other room, yet everyday I still experience being a mother–one who seeks to call forth life.

My days hold mothering moments and endless invitations to see those around me.

There is only so much that I can do for my own children, I cannot be everything to them.  Oh do not get me wrong, I long to be the everything to their needs and desires in this life! But alas, God did not design even mothers to be able to do this.

God designed us, as humankind, to bear life. A part of how we bear life is when we recognize our own limitations and the need for others–the need for community.

Oh, I often feel an ache when I see another meeting a deep need with one of my daughter’s. But I also see something more–a gift where God is not only mothering my daughter, but I am too being mothered. It’s like God is saying, “I see you–AND I see your daughter!”

One of my daughter’s gave me a gift this year through a poem she wrote, entitled “Community of Mother’s” that was published on this fabulous blog. But her words, her gift, I believe is more than just for me. It’s a gift that’s for women who are mothers–both biologically and spiritually.

As women, our capacity to hold and see others is healing and deeply needed. Regardless of age and biology, you have the opportunity to call forth life in others.

So Happy Mother’s Day to every woman alive – may you dare to see the beauty of how our lives are interwoven and how together we bring forth life in all that God has made!

~ b.

You can read my daughter’s mother’s day words here.