Have you ever been to a movie and watched the sexual tension of two people coming together and suddenly feel tension in your own body, your own genital region responding and heat traveling up your spine…what was that you were experiencing in that moment??

You were experiencing the affect of another’s longing.

Is this bad? Is this good? Well, I believe it’s something that’s real and needs to be noticed

Our physical bodies respond to images that we see. Erotic sexual scenes awaken and stir our bodies. For centuries in the church we have been reading erotic poetry–Song of Songs. Yes, I do mean erotic poetry that stirs and awakens the senses. While there has been an ongoing debate about it being allegory (descriptive of God’s love for the church–though “the church” did not exist at the time of it being written) or love poetry (about longing between a man and a woman), scholars classify it as erotic poetry.

And this begs the question,

Is God for or against sexual arousal through what we read?

Pause and breath…

Remember scripture is the divinely inspired Word of God and this book, at the core, is evoking images that are deeply intimate and sexual in nature:

“All I want is to sit in his shade, to taste and savor his delicious love. He took me home with him for a festive meal, but his eyes feasted on me!” S of S 2:3

In reviewing the craze about the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey and how this series is not-so-secretively making its way into bedrooms, I think it’s important to notice how our bodies respond to images in our imagination from what we read as well as what we see.

How does sexual energy fuel our imagination?

This CNBC piece reveals women experiencing swept-back-into-the-bedroom-kind-of-awakening libido in response to these book series. Let it be known right here and right now, that I am most definitely all for a little bodice ripping sex that engages both husband and wife! But this article also raises concerns over whether this type of sexual arousal is healthy for us, as a society. What might this be saying about the state of our relationships if we resort to the fantasy of women being used and sexually dominated by men as the source of arousal?

Where is this domination style sexual energy coming from? Is it rooted in the desire to connect with another OR to consume another human being?

Okay keep breathing…

Sexual union at the core is meant to be a place of

  • mutual surrender–not dominance by one…
  • honoring the body of another–not violating it…

God is creative, imaginative and wild AND the Creator of sex! Too often, I believe, we think it’s spiritual to “shut down” our minds from even engaging in the imaginative art of love making. YES, blindfolds, lingerie, props and toys can enhance creativity, play and imagination as we enter the union of sex IF our desire is rooted in a source that is not about self-absorbed consumption.

The series IS stirring up longing, but maybe that is only because we have not taken the time to be connected to our own creativity in the bedroom…

What are we really longing for?

~ b