“I should blog about that!”

Ten times a day, no actually more like 15 times a day, this thought runs through my mind! But alas I’ve been rather lax in getting the head to download and the finger to type all that’s been swirling in my heart and mind these past months.

So what now?

One of my online guru’s Seth Godin says, “Under promise and over deliver.”

So instead of giving you a list of what I AM going to do, I would like to say this:

I am on the road again…

and instead of trying to make every post perfect and thus shooting myself in the foot, I am going to throw these thoughts out in type and let you help me. I need your thoughts and questions to continue to add to the conversation – otherwise it’s a mere monologue (and who has ever liked a monologue!) …after all, God designed us for dialogue.

The truth is my theology is in pencil, continually being updated, always learning more – yet my faith is rooted in my Creator and therefore I will be honest about sexuality and spirituality and continue to trust that God will meet us all in the questions.

If you have questions you would like to see addressed or explored, I encourage you to share them in the comments or if they are more personal feel free to send them to me at becky@truessence.net.

Looking forward to what’s next…