It is all over the news – a wild party – a single prince – photos sold…in a city that claims,

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Really? I think we have enough internet proof that this is NOT true and I am guessing that some rather heated discussions in a certain English palace might reveal otherwise.

As a parent I wonder if we might have some similar thoughts, “What was he thinking?”

So what if this is one of those teachable moments for us as parents, with our teenagers?

Do they have a cell phone?

Hang out with friends?

Are they curious about sex?

In this developmental stage their frontal lobes (this place where logic is formed) is not fully developed and yes, it’s only through struggle and making mistakes will they learn how to reason.  So parents, the opportunity for learning to reason is there.

Who do you want your teenager to have these conversations with after they’ve struggled and made mistakes? I know that their peers are eager to discuss these Prince-Harry-in-Vegas events. So what if, when we see and hear things like this on the news we as parents recognize and see an opportunity to ask questions, instead of making statements.

I heard these phrases on talk radio all week:

“Boys will be boys!”

Really?? Is this what defines typical boy behavior? And to top it off, Prince Harry is third in line to the throne and a man who holds the position of commander in the British army.

“He was only letting off some steam and unfortunately got caught.”

Does getting caught make it more real? Is there more to this lesson than how not to get caught?

Maybe there are adults who believe “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but I believe that as parents we can teach our children through the mistakes that are made – teenagers and adults – we all have something to learn.

This royal screw-up could become a royal opportunity… (it could happen).