Hello dear friends,

Surprise, surprise, but I’ve made my way across the pond and I’m writing this post from England!

I will be here for a couple of weeks to see our oldest daughter celebrate an extremely exciting milestone in her life (more on that later). While there are many reasons why I love this great land, but there is one reason that captures my heart – every time. Ask my daughters, ask my husband and they will tell you that one of my most treasured joys is… without doubt or hesitation… the tea.

Not just tea in a cup with a plastic to-go lid. Oh no no no. Here in England, the Brits do it right. Here you sit down with china teapots, cups, sugar bowls and, of course milk. Not this weird 1%, skim, almond, flavored, coconut or soy milk. But real, rich, creamy milk. In England, tea is an event. And for a tea lover like myself, there is no better place.

My first cup of tea in this country is always one that I treasure. It causes me to pause, to sit, wait for the presentation and also the pure joy that seems to accompany the server in actually getting it to you.

“Here’s your tea, love. Enjoy now!” says my waitress.

“How are you getting on with your tea, dear?” Oh just fine, thanks for asking.

“Any scones, jam or clotted cream for you?” Well of course!

You see, I’ve been waiting for this moment so I packed accordingly i.e. plenty of jeans that have some give in the waist, if you know what I mean.

What does any of this have to do with teens and parenting? Absolutely nothing, but if I am going to be experiencing this much tea, I will for sure have more waking hours to ponder and write about teens…

So many teas to experience!