Awwww retreats!

All those intimate moments of getting to experience one another without the distractions of meals, laundry, tight schedules. A place of spiritual highs and then we return home…

This weekend at Open Door Girls Getaway, we explored the text of Ruth, Chapter One — and quite literally I mean explored — spiritually, emotionally and physically. Each session uniquely invited us into the ancient words of scripture by moving beyond our traditional linear perceptions of words that seem too familiar. We struggled together in new ways with names, geography and characterizations that left us longing for more.

As I sit here this morning, at my crazy desk, with my cup of tea (in the lovely mug I received this weekend that held a special blessing just for me) I realize many thoughts and images are returning with me from the weekend. My hope is to sit within them, taste them deeply and, as honey holds  sweetness on the tongue, I desire to allow these thoughts and images to create the longing for more.

One particularly sweet image for me is returning to our Friday night session together ladies, when we talked about having compassion for the things in our lives that we often relegate to judging too harshly.




So this morning I am praying compassion over myself and my somewhat foggy-confused brain that is sorting through:

  • Emails…
  • Phone messages…
  • To-Do Lists…
  • Laundry…
  • Mail…
  • Bills…
  • Groceries (or lack there of, actually)….

Can I pray compassion over myself, in those places where I feel overwhelmed?

Can I let this compassion be like the sweet taste of honey that nourishes me and strengthens me?

So IF you were on Girls Getaway weekend, and you too are wanting to linger in the weekend, I wonder if you are able to take the time to breath in compassion for yourself as you return to the busyness of this day?

If so, will you return with me to the moment we shared together and breath compassion in deep? Will you let the movement of your lungs remind you of the capacity you have to  continue to explore and love how God has made you?

Count to ten... and then… exhale. Breath that same compassion out into your day and onto whatever lies in front of you. Repeat as necessary (I am at number ten and the morning is still quite young). It’s sooo much easier to love those around us when we can take a moment to first love ourselves well. Isn’t that the truth?

I’m sipping the last of my tea, lingering in the beautiful memories of you women and breathing compassion.

How about you?