Last week, my husband asked me on a date. Might sound a little corny considering I’ve been married to the guy for more than three decades. But all too often dating becomes something that is a lost art in marriage. Hey married friends, wouldn’t you agree? He planned the time and invited me to enter his world:

The swirl of color surrounded me….

Vistas expanded my view…

The wind pounded my body…

Leather kept me warm…

Our date included limited exchange of words or deep thoughts, but instead together we shared two hundred plus miles of life together on his bike.

As I now look back on this date (and experience a rather sore bum), I realize that it is moments like this that remind me to get a life. Meaning, to be IN life, rather than outside of it.

Enjoy the words of Anna Quindlen from a Commencement address at Villanova University in February, 1999.

 “So here is what I wanted to tell you today: Get a life! Get a real life, not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, the bigger paycheck, the larger house…Get a life in which you notice the smell of salt water pushing itself on a breeze over Seaside Heights, a life in which you stop and watch how a red-tailed hawk circles over the water gap or the way a baby scowls with concentration when she tries to pick up a Cheerio with her thumb and first finger. Get a life in which you are not alone. Find people you love and who love you.”

Get a life, one that includes tasting of both the joys and discomforts that remind us how precious life truly is.

Any get a life moments of late? Please share!