We are all curious.

Especially when it comes to sex.

Check out the news stand magazines and you will find questions with some reference that stirs our curiosity into picking up the magazine.

But what does curiosity create?

Airplanes, phones, cars, computers, etc.

In all those instances, someone explored their curiosity and discovered something beyond what we knew could be possible.

Yet, what about curiosity that leads to pain?

I played at the park a couple weeks ago with some little boys. They love the tire swing and continually asked to be pushed higher while spinning in circles. Remember the days when doing that didn’t make you puke? Oh those days seem so far off now, even just watching made me woozy!

I was pushing and they were swinging when one of these little boys got curious… “Becky, what would happen if I jump through the middle hole while we were swinging?” See that? This little boy totally engaged his curiosity. Such a great, natural wondering!

But before I could respond with an answer, there was a sudden drop, face plant in the sand and a bump quickly growing on his forehead.

This little man acted on his curiosity… and what happened? Pain. A wound was incurred. So what about curiosity that leads to pain?

There is not a human being alive that has not experienced curiosity about sex and their sexuality. Yet, way too often people experience shame when they are curious about the human body.

Since curiosity has the potential to create so much good, I have to believe that it’s apart of God’s design for us as humans! What do the scriptures say about curiosity anyway?  Interestingly, when I searched scripture for “curiosity” I found the words “curious girdle” eight times – always in reference to how the priests clothed themselves.

Excuse me, what? A “girdle”? Any one remember these??

We don’t use girdles here in the 21st century all too often that I’ve noticed, but basically a girdle is something like a belt that’s worn for support (see the Flex-O-Form for more details). In fact God commands Moses to place the “curious girdle” on his brother Aaron and all his sons as a part of their leadership of the people (Lev. 8:7). This kind of girdle God and Moses were chatting about probably looked a little bit different, use your imagination. But hmmm… something they were to wear, as a part of their leadership… curiosity.

Is it possible that curiosity was a part of how God wanted them to prepare themselves for each day?

Do our teens have curious girdles, i.e. the support to explore and wonder about their sexuality?

So, back to my little friend who took a nose dive into the sand. His curiosity induced a wound and this wound was painful. But this pain was met first with the comforting arms of love. Later, after the tears stopped flowing and we could see that he was alright there came a time to explore his choice together with words.

But first came the tested place of love. Yes his curiosity cost him, but no it did not first include shame or judgement.

Now I realize that our teenagers will not always want to run into our arms and let us comfort them. So maybe the invitation is for us as parents to let our love rise up first, before our words create one more barrier between us and our teens because of pain they are experiencing.

So what does your teen’s “curious girdle” look like? And how do electronics play into this picture? Watch the blog this entire week for several posts that explore questions specifically around electronics and our teenagers.

Here’s to strapping on my curious girdle and hoping you will join me… (sorry, just couldn’t resist the visual!)



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