It’s a great time to learn

Each morning I get a media feed that informs me of current trends in regards to sexuality. Fun right? Currently, I am narrowing this feed to include things related to teens and sexuality. I believe we, as adults have some good things to teach teens in this area and it is going to take informed parents, teachers, mentors and pastors leading the way.

I believe, as do many other talented scientists and researchers, that teens have the capacity to learn. During these teen years of continual hormonal shifts, teenage brains are highly formative and are at their prime to be educated, informed and guided (to read more about teenage brains take a look here or here).

What if we noticed the ways in which teens are clamoring for attention and actually met them with real information about their bodies? What if we created an awe and respect to how their body functions? What if we taught them to listen to their bodies as a part of how they will experience relationships?

Standing in awe of your body

Sitting this morning in some quiet, I stumbled upon this verse found in Psalms 4:4,

“Tremble, and do not sin; meditate in your heart upon your bed and be still.”

The word “tremble” has continued to stick with me this morning. Tremble. What could that mean? So I went to look it up in the original Hebrew and this is what I found as a more accurate translation of this verse,

“Stand in awe and sin not; commune with your own heart…”

It is from standing in awe that our perspective is nurtured to not sin.

I have a question for fellow parents, when was the last time you stood in awe of how God created you? Are you willing to listen to your own body, in order to teach your teen to listen to theirs?

Our role as parents

Parents, I believe so deeply that it is our words, our engagement and our authenticity of standing in awe of our own bodies that has the power to tutor teens the most in this area.

As parents, teachers, mentors and pastors, I believe we have the chance to influence our teens in this way. But guess what? If we want to teach this, we must first start living in ways that honor our bodies.

Do you feel passionately about turning the tide towards teens honoring their bodies? I do. And it’s caused me to do something just a little bit crazy – crazy exciting that is!

Can I share?

All November long

Ok, I will. All November long, I am asking women – from all walks of life – to share about intentional choices they are making right now to honor and love their bodies through the practical everyday choices. And let me tell you friends, it’s going to be amazing.

You won’t want to miss a thing this next month. Believe me.

~ becky