I am not alone

unless I choose to be

in learning to love my body.

My daily choice is to recognize that every woman

alive is on a journey beside me, with me, ahead and behind me

and we are all making choices




begging to see beyond cultural norms

and grasp something that would anchor us

in loving this body that we inhabit.

I do not create the air that is around me,

my body responds to a need and draws it in.

I cannot produce food that provides nourishment,

my body’s appetite will consume calories I choose.

I cannot create ground to hold my weight,

my body challenges my mind, to silence its protests and keep running.

So many choices each day

that draw my attention back to the delicate juncture

of darkness – to reject this body…

of light – to embrace this body…

I juggle the emotions like delicate crystal

wishing this were behind me,



Instead daily I am invited into a dance

to reclaim

to honor

to embrace,

and choose to return to a deeper identity, scripted in sacred words

“Now listen daughter, don’t miss a word…the King is wild for you.*”

So I meet you my sisters

at the sacred juncture of choice

to be aware of our bodies and

choosing to love that which THE King is wild about.

~ becky

Be sure to stay tuned as there are more BODY TALKS to come dear friends!

*Psalm 45:10 MSG