My family has a few traditions, things that anchor us even though, quite often we are scattered across the times zones. And one of our very favorite traditions is about to happen tomorrow morning.

For the past twelve years we have been Turkey Trotters on Thanksgiving Day with approximately 10,000 other happy trotters. This means that we rise early on Thanksgiving morning, bundle our bodies to meet the weather (and boy, does it seem to vary!), gather dear friends, weave through crowds (and crowds) of people… to trot 3.1 miles with the LifeTime Fitness Turkey Day 5k.

Traditions have the ability to help us feel anchored, yet still free to grow. Yes traditions can be work. Yes, they often requires some planning. And yes, for this particular tradition, some years can be colder than we want it to be! But  somehow this tradition seems to continually connect us across the miles and varying life stages.

No year has been the same as the last and every year our trotting group can look a bit different. Each year has unique distinctions, but the Thanksgiving tradition continues:

we show up,

we run

or walk

or even wheelchair, if needed.

So this Thanksgiving Day, while I trot along, I plan to notice the people around me, name the season of life I am in, and nurture a moment or two of gratitude for how traditions remind me to be thankful.

As Richard Rohr says, “It all belongs,” so I figure hey, even my turkey-trotting-family must fit into the transformative journey of life, right? Absolutely.

The added bonus? A Thanksgiving morning jog encourages me to not over fill my plate later in the day. How fantastic! God is both practical and providential in using my body to tutor me… now there’s a great bonus!

~ becky

PS Any other Turkey Trotters out there? Maybe we will trot together tomorrow!