Lately I have been hanging out in Matthew 22:36-40, where Jesus was questioned about what the greatest commandment really is. Can’t say I’m really all that surprised by the words, “…love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind…” but I wonder, if others struggle a bit with Jesus adding a second one and stating it to be like the first, “…love your neighbor as you love yourself…”?

Relationships are messy. And gosh, they are often hard to navigate well. How often do we really think about how loving our very self could actually be a part of the equation of loving another person well?

I love Sue Monk Kidd’s perspective and I thought I would share it with you as we wrap up a fabulous month of guest bloggers for our Body Talk series. Guess I am not the only one who is still learning a little more everyday about how to love myself.

“Oceanic feeling of Love, a vast capacity for absolutely everyone.”

“One of the misconceptions about journeying to a deeper intimacy with God is that we don’t need other people. We may want to get wrapped up in the coziness of ‘me and God.’ But of course this is a perverted spirituality and doomed from the outset. One of the worst illusions…would be to try to find God by barricading yourself inside your own soul.

As we wake to God’s love and presence in our lives, we actually become more capable of loving others.

It’s as if our hearts are somehow enlarged. It means that as we open ourselves to God’s love, journeying deeper into intimacy, we become more able to love ourselves. And when we love ourselves, we are finally able (and sometimes for the first time in our lives) to love others – not with a what’s-in-it-for-me love, but with the strong, authentic wear and tear love Christ showed us.”

Thanks everyone for journeying with us this past month through the Body Talk series. Hasn’t it been amazing? You might like to know that we have one last guest blogger coming our way tomorrow. You’ll love her words, I know you will.

So friends, here’s to enlarging out hearts…

~ becky

Like the photo? I found that lovely saying hanging in the walls of Oxford University.