holy sexuality blog

The pain is here again

And the frustration

My back

My legs

I squeeze my shoulders

Clench and unclench my hands

Good body.

You are a good body.

You are such a

Hard Worker.

You endlessly labor

To process it all:

Food, air, feelings, stimuli,

Bugs and bumps.


You experience everything.

Still you strive to keep me here.

You are such a

Skilled Communicator.

You tell me

Stop, go, don’t stop, attend to this.

I frequently ask you to

Wait, to push past,

To take on that

Which is alien to you.

And to the best of your ability,

Despite how I treat you

Or speak to you, you serve

My innate need to be well.

And when you can, even

My will.

Dear Friend.

Hard Worker.

Skilled Communicator.

Good Body.

I hear you.

Even in need,

Especially in pain,

With gratitude,

I bless you.


Mary Martin Wiens is a poet, a writer, a seeker, a reader, a friend, a confidant, a wife, a mother who absorbs, listens and holds bits of the world around her everywhere she goes. And sometimes those bits come out in poems.