First off, I’d like to say a big thank you for sharing Body Talk with us this last month (in case you missed it – click here). I have loved the wonderful voices inviting us to notice God being revealed through the human body and each courageous example of women listening and responding to God with their bodies. I feel honored to sit at their feet, hear their wisdom and continue to be challenged to let my own body teach me about hearing the voice of God. I am sure we will return here again.

This weekened we turned the calendar and wham… December is here! The biggest twenty-five day countdown of the year: Christmas. As I have been contemplating my blogging journey towards Christmas, I have experienced excitement for this season and traditions I love, BUT also frustration because blogging is interrupting my plans of traditional Christmas planning. Let’s face it, we cannot add something new to our lives without letting something go – no really this is true!

INTERRUPT – “to the continuity or uniformity of, to hinder or stop the action or discourse of (someone) by breaking in on…”

In looking at scripture, God is always interrupting people’s lives:

  • A burning bush in the desert – Moses turned aside and saw it
  • Bearing a child as an old woman – Sarah entertained the impossible
  • Becoming a parent’s sacrifice – Isaac chose to walk towards the altar with his father
  • Surrendering her virginal physical body – Mary heard and believed the angel
  • Choosing to act on a dream – Joseph defended his fiancé

God interrupts our lives – all the time!!

Do we have eyes to see it?

Do we want to?

Are we willing to risk letting go of something we plan?

God did interrupt history by “breaking the continuity and uniformity” of life with a little baby that altered plans

  • for a young man and woman in love
  • for a king who wanted to dominate
  • for shepherds trying to get some sleep
  • for kings and their three year plan

All of these people had to lay something aside, in order to engage with the interruptions before them – a wee babe, Jesus.

Jesus entering this world was not an accident to benefit our life, but rather an interruption “to hinder or stop the action…” that is propelling our lives away from God. I once heard J Philip Newell say this, “God did not send Jesus to show us who God was, but rather to show us who we are capable of being, made in the image of God.”

God interrupted lives 2,000 years ago and I believe we are still being interrupted, IF we are willing to listen.

So on the heels of Body Talk – women’s lives being changed by God interrupting their way of thinking about their bodies and as a result impacting those around them – I am going to let God interrupt my Christmas plans.

What does this look like? Well, if I knew totally it would not be an interruption now would it? Want to risk being interrupted with me? I would love to hear ways in which you too are noticing God’s interruptions.

~ becky