This past weekend, I went to a book launching party to celebrate a dear woman, Rachel Awes and her book All I Did Was Listen. This is a woman who listens well to people and in turn has written a book to share nuggets of wisdom she’s gathered over the years.

Attending this event was completely a part of my Saturday plans, (it was even highlighted in a special color on my calendar), but having her words interrupt my soul was not.

Later that night, after I’d returned home with my own copy of All I Did Was Listen, I sat and read the first chapter, titled “messiness inside”. Then I re-read it again that very next morning. Then later that night, I couldn’t help but read it once again.

All I did was listen

I lingered in the words she chose to remember and risked writing down. And in my lingering, a few of the words that interrupted history came drifting to mind, “and the word became flesh and lived among us…”

How often do we make space for the words of others to interrupt our lives and live among us? Are the words that dwell in us creating life or death?

The womb that grew my body was created by God…

all i did was listen

Broken does not mean bad…

all i did was listen

Am I living in this day or the past?

photo (21)

Where is my mind interwoven right now?

photo (20)

Thank you Rachel for interrupting my life with these words. You not only listen, you hear words of others and make space for them to linger…

Merry Christmas dear friends, may the words that dwell within you create life and continue to create life in others.


PS Check out Rachel’s blog to hear more about her work. Also, the pictures in this post are my own & used with permission from Rachel.