I am out for a run, sorting through the dozen things on my list for that day, enjoying some solitude and time to myself. Then through my headset I hear two beeps that indicate a text message. Then another. And another. And another. Hmmm….

So I pause the music, and look at my phone.

I weigh in my mind how this conversation with my six-year-old friend will go — probably the latest news of another tooth he has lost. It could wait, couldn’t it? After all, I’m here now, enjoying the solitude of my run…

But something from inside urges me, “are you willing to be interrupted?”

I’m busted.

His call comes in.

“Hi Becky. You know that song we sing before we go to bed…?” My ear is suddenly treated to his sweet voice singing

“Beloved, let us love one another,

For love is of God

And everyone that loveth is born of God

And knoweth God

He that loveth not

Knoweth not God

For God is love

Beloved let us love one another.”

“Becky, guess what! I found that these words are in the Bible!” As he proceeds to read me 1 John 4:7-8, I hear his excitement. He proceeds to tell me the page number, the way he found it and how he woke this morning feeling like he needed to go get his Bible.

At this point, I am no longer running, instead I’m now walking within a child’s wonder at finding the words of God for himself and understanding them, integrating them into his own actions.

We talked of how love feels inside us, who we love, where love takes us and how hard it is to love sometimes.

“Is that song stuck in your head now?” he asks.

A verse that has become familiar and routine in my head is now laced with his excitement and his invitation for me to share his view.

With utter joy he proclaims, “Becky, I am in God when I love.”

Yes, my dear wise friend, you are so right.

My plan was for a run, for solitude – instead I was interrupted by God through my sweet young friend.

Let the journey toward Christmas continue,

~ becky