the baby Jesus

Friday at lunch I heard of this tragedy in Newtown, CT, and instantly one man’s violence reached out and interrupted my heart.


It is a season of celebrating



a babe in a manger

who brings love…

Confusion swirls

pain penetrates

questions pierce my mind

Where does this kind of violence come from?

Can it be stopped?


Please, dear God, let it end.


What kind of pain, creates this kind of violence?


being alone

not needing another

clinging to self-righteousness

feeding the need for power…


More than 2,000 years ago a babe in a manager pierced a world of darkness. Wise men  seeking to find this babe revealed a king’s inner pain and fear. The result? An act of violence that stunned a nation…

“When Herod found out that the wise men from the east had tricked him, he was very angry. He gave orders for his men to kill…”

innocent lives

unlived futures


mere babies.

Families, friends and strangers were pierced with pain…


“A sound was heard in Ramah (a hill),

weeping and much lament.

Rachel weeping for her children,

Rachel refusing all solace,

Her children gone,

dead and buried.”


So I weep, joining my tears with parents I do not know.

I am angry, joining my desire for justice with a nation.


But mostly I am sad, so sad as I am reminded once again that violence is

created from pain,

it never makes sense.

It always brings confusion.


So I pause

seeing both




knowing my soul is pierced

seeking something more…


A babe in a manger, God’s very own, was sent to pierce the darkness of this world with love.

No wonder violence pierces our hearts so deeply. It reminds us all that we are created for something more….LOVE.


~ becky