What does it look like the day before life is born?

There is labor. Labor is so real and can never be avoided.

Yet, so often I want to run from the cascading contractions; the pushing, the squeezing, the throbbing within the pain. It’s a rhythm of letting go till the body is finally ready to push forth and expel life into the world. It’s the moment when suddenly there is new breath before me, no longer within me, but now right in front of me. It’s new life.



When I hear the first gasp of breath, I realize that labor is not a place of being alone, absence or abandoned. Oh no, no. Rather, labor is a place of experiencing life the day before…

This day before, this Eve of Christmas are the moments when we are still engaging with the gift of labor.

The pain of labor is rooted in love, inviting us all to remember, as co-creators, made in the image of God, that labor is a place where we can taste the breath of God through our tears.

Here, I thought I might share the song that is reverberating through my head today today.


Merry Christmas Eve friends,

~ becky