Today as you gather with family around a tree, a manger or a whisper of hope, may you unwrap the truest essence of Christmas, a choice.

This one choice has led to the mystery of Christmas surrounding, entering and changing history.

When we choose to say “yes” to God, it takes us deep into the mystery.

None of us know where the mystery will take us, but what we do know is that carved into the path of our journey is the resource of redemption,

God with us…

Jan Richardson says,

“In the shadows of Mary’s assent to ‘let it be’ lies the possibility that she–or we–can choose to let it not be. God leaves the choosing to us…”

God leaves the choosing to us. Why? So that we can hear the simple cry of vulnerability, taste a salty kiss on unblemished skin,

see the innocence of hope, breathing in and out and hold the mystery of God’s life in our arms.

It was a choice of “yes,”  that when unwrapped led to the first Merry Christmas.

So today what gift of choice will you unwrap? And what kind of history will it create?

From my family to yours,

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

~ becky