You know that moment when someone tells you some news and you feel suspended, frozen in time? That moment of receiving that news, you know you will always remember because when we intentionally participate in another’s life there are always going to be these moments. These moment’s when another’s words change us.

The good news:

  • Will you spend the rest of your life with me?
  • We are having a baby.
  • I got accepted!

And the news that cuts the heart every time:

  • Yes, it is cancer.
  • There is no cure.
  • Your fired.

Whatever the news might be, what is it about this moment that suspends time? That holds us outside of ourselves and ushers us into a threshold of liminal space – between two worlds?

One place holds the mystery of not knowing, while the other holds the mystery of walking into something new; something that will change our lives for good.

The other night, one of these moments found me.

Through the crowd of friends and family gathered in the kitchen, a friend tugged on my hand and pulled me into another room. He had a smile on his face but would not look me in the eye. As I listened to the direction his words were going, I felt an interruption in my gut as his words ushered me into a new space – a mystery was about to change my world.

The moments just before the news, caused my heart to skip, anticipation to swim round me and a squeal of delight erupted out of my throat. I held each sacred word as they gradually entered my world:

“We are expecting!”

The invitation of being drawn aside, invited to stand at this threshold and let another’s words usher me to and across that sacred threshold left me breathless! What an honor and absolute joy to get to share this news with my friend!

This last month of blogging has been about learning to listen to the rhythms intermingled with the interruptions. And my oh my, what a journey it’s been! Lost purses in Iowa, the strength of Esther, a young friend’s discovery of God’s love, violence and pain like none of us could have ever imagined

Interruptions. What do they have to teach us about being present to the moments?

While I realize that it has not been overtly related to the topic of sexuality, I believe that it has been teaching me more about being a woman, created in the image of God, and learning how to live integrated to the moment.

Sexuality at the core is so much more than a physical act between two bodies, it is being vulnerable to my Creator and unashamed.

Will you join me next month as I begin the journey of returning to the beginning…


Yes, my favorite book. There’s no better place to start with the basic questions that often haunt us in the area of sexuality and spirituality:

  • What is your foundational view of sexuality?
  • How does one walk in the beauty of sexuality, if it is crippled with pain?
  • Does experimenting with sex make me better sexually?

As always I love hearing your questions, thoughts and comments and will continue to meet you at the intersection where we lay our answers on the ground in order to explore more of God’s words together.

See you in 2013,

~ becky