“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27

I read these words over and over. How do I alter the years of thinking that as a woman, I held less of the image of God? What would it be like to claim the image of God within me? To breath the breath of God as life?

I close my eyes, breath deep longing to believe that these ancient words unearth my truest identity – marked by God’s intentional hand. I want to write about it, to share something about how this truth has changed my life. All that seems to come out is this. Can I share?

It’s a truth that is so simple and yet so profound. A moisture fills my eyes and wanting to believe I imagine returning to my…


First Breath of Life.

The gentle ferns hold the frame of my body

the air caresses my skin

the sky canopies my bed

the animals anticipate.

It is the day I am formed

held by the earth

and crafted by Your hand.

I am waiting…

created in the garden

I know none of these sensations

yet, I know they are real

I see none of these things

yet, I cannot be dreaming. 

The breath that is before me

is an invitation to receive, 

to open my lips

let the air carve and construct my lungs, 

it ignites

the first heartbeat of my soul

it leaps, 

it lurches, 

it releases. 

It activates

life with blood rushing

to every part of my body. 

This breath I accept

originated and uttered from my Creator

to sustain and call me to life. 

Opening my eyes

I see the one whose image I bear

because this face before me

says with absolute delight and joy, 


by becky patton
Photo credit.