I was gearing up for rain.

We were, after all, suppose to get rain, which really means ice when the temperatures drop below freezing, as they do nightly here in Minnesota. But instead of rain, it snowed for almost eight hours.

So last night at sunset,

I went for a walk,

alone out and into this

winter wonderland and

I experienced beauty and

let beauty hold me…

beauty that was cold and untouched

photo (18)

beauty interwoven and framed by harshness

woods at dusk

beauty silent and inviting me to stand still.

standing in snow

Last night in this magical place there was no sound.

It was silent and I was silent with it.

Creation’s beauty is meant to be something we join – to listen and “be” within. Beauty is something God is always inviting us to experience, but sometimes we have to step out and get into the beauty to hear the invitation.

~ becky