Football. It’s in my blood.

Ok fine. I’ll confess, football is truly one of my favorite sports –like ever.

Maybe it was the fact that during my formative years, my family lived in Texas. Awww Texas!  I remember hearing once that on Friday nights the burglary crime rate would actually drop! Apparently, thieves and petty criminals wouldn’t even miss a game.

Oh Texas. A state whose motto could be something like: We bleed football!

For better or for worse football is in my blood.

Think about it the thrill of competition, the sounds of clashing, the turf being torn apart and crowds cheering their hearts out for a team they love….wait did I say love? Oh yes it would be pretty definitive to say that many, including me, love football.

Speaking of l-o-v-e.

What does this love mean? Does it carry me? Does it define me? Am I changed by this kind of love?

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and I should probably tell you that this will be the first game of the season that I’ve actually watched (gasp!). Why you ask? I decided to choose not to watch the 2012 football season.

Now please hear me out! I did not do this to be noble, heroic or more spiritual. Nope, absolutely not. I did this small act to examine in myself why I hold football in such high regard.

  • Why did I plan my Sunday/Monday schedules to watch games?
  • How could my blood pressure get so elevated by a ball sailing through the air?
  • What kind of power was in my pounding fist when that block was missed?

I realized that at the core of my love for football was relationships – not a game:

  • I learned the game by being with my father…
  • I asked questions, memorized plays and moves through curiosity…
  • Throwing a football to someone, I learned the feeing of tossing and receiving…
  • Game day meant gathering into one room to find a “side” that created a tension to hold us together…

Tonight two teams will take the field and battle to be number one. It will probably be memorable and even life altering for a few individuals out there. But for me this Super Bowl Sunday is an invitation to step back into a “love” with a new awareness and appreciation for those around me.

So here is what my love of football has taught me:

IT doesn’t love me back

IT is conditional

IT is replaceable

So if I am going to use the words “love” and “football” in the same sentence, I want to do it with a clarity of mind that honors the root of that love – relationships.

I am going to enjoy football tonight. Like really enjoy it. And I am going to love my relationships.

~ becky