To-do lists

I like lists.

I have them on my computer, my phone, my iPad and I even have paper ones.

Perhaps its my age and the fact that I can’t hold all these details in my mind anymore. But I don’t totally think that’s true, it’s really just an excuse. I make lists because I like to write something down and then cross that something off.

The past eight months, as Truessence has transitioned to a non-profit, my “list mode” has been in fine form. While I will not bore with dramatic tales of my own personal transformative work as I staggered through my state and government to-do lists, I would like to share that my new to-do lists are coming from the fabulous Truessence board.

Now, the Truessence board and myself are creating lists and checking them twice, together as we  seek to notice what God has done and is doing.

So with the 2013 just barely beginning, here are a few highlights of how opportunities are being created that invite men and women to live out the truest essence of God’s relational design:

    • Meeting and working with beautiful people from Nebraska, Ohio California and Minnesota who are engaged and wrestling with real issues around spirituality and sexuality
    • Filming a new video about “Sex is Good” thanks to some great talent in Omaha, Nebraska. More details to come soon!
    • Wondering about opportunities of having the message of Holy Sexuality translated into Spanish.
    • Exploring options to take this message into Honduras and Haiti.

I am humbled, amazed and so very excited to get to see God at work in unique ways and healing deep sexual wounds. Thanks for being a part of the journey these past few months friends! I would never want to do it without you.

~ becky

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