let's talk about love

Speaking of to-do lists.

One thing that is continually on my to-do list is blogging.

I always dreaming up new topics. Throughout the week, I voice message myself thoughts when I drive and I doodle in my journal about different topics I could write about. When I hear questions around the pain that’s generated by sexual disorder, I can’t help put jotting them down.

The sad reality is, that only about 10% of what I think would make a worthy blog post actually makes it into print. Why is that!?

To-do lists, do not equal reality.

I’m learning that even my best intentions for productivity, do not equal extra hours in the day. Honestly, who can actually do everything that mind asks it to do? Martha Stewart? Maybe Oprah? But those talented women have a staff and an empire making it look really easy. Not fair.

As I turn to face this month of February (yes, I do realize we’re already a full week in), I see two things to blog about:

    • Cold – the difference between bitter cold, freezing cold and super super cold.
    • Love – this month gushes hearts, red, cupids, dates and romance.

What could I blog about cold? Dress warm! Spring will come I am sure! Right, we all know this. So what could I blog about love? The lists seem to be endless.

    •  Assumptions and Misconceptions – looking for love in all the right places
    • Love vs. Lust – sex, an act of communion or consumption?
    • Is Dating Dying – the changes in how people date, then vs. now.

So for the remaining bit of February, let’s talk about LOVE. What if I let love surround me, will I notice it? Is being “in love” more than a romantic engagement with another?

Let’s dive in together shall we? Tune in next week as we get started. Until then, stay warm friends, it’s cold out there!

~ becky

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