love people

There’s a game I play with myself in the car and it goes something like this: I take the letters of the license plate on the car in front of me (or on the car I’m speeding past) and use it to create a statement.


Here are a few from recent car trips, let me show you:

785 NPL = Nearly pure love

366 ACC = Actually compassion creates

129 LGL = Love generates life

112 UPS = Under passion’s spell


I admit, kind of a dorky game, but this practice began in a season of my life when I was consumed by self-judging thoughts. I was defining my identity by everything I did poorly and everything I was not. One day, as I sat in bumper to bumper traffic – the kind that makes you want to swear with the best of them – I was again lost on the trail of these consuming thoughts when an unexpected license image caught me:



My self-effacing thoughts gasped and didn’t know how to continue their pattern. In that moment, my well-worn thorny thoughts were interrupted long enough for me to realize that I was expertly practicing not loving myself. My negative thought patterns were consuming and starving my own love within me… so I began to use license plates to speak truth to my parched soul.


Just the other day as I drove along, I returned to this memory and wondered – what acronym would I use for the word L O V E?


Here are a couple that I came up with:












Since acronyms are too long to put on a license plate, I think someday I could see creating one that reads:


I don’t know if it would interrupt another, but it would remind me that when I say, “I Love You!” I am actively taking that which is within me and sharing it with another.

What is love growing in you now? What acronym would you give to love in this season of your life?


~ becky



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