When was the last time you lingered with a happy thought?

 60 of the happiest facts in the world

Cleaning through some old emails, I found this great site a friend had sent to me: 60 of the World’s Happiest Facts. As I scrolled through this fabulously wonderful list of happy facts, I began to wonder if too often we are gathering information for the sheer purpose of finding solutions to problems, information to strengthen our position or proof that the world can’t be trusted. How often might we miss the simple hidden within the complexity of creation?

Who knew that if you fake laugh (#2) long enough you will begin to laugh naturally? I decided to try it right then and there at my desk. Guess what? It actually works.

Did you know that spinner dolphins and otters have intentional sleeping partners for comfort and protection (#45 & #15)? I fall asleep in my own cocoon of pillows, ear-plugs and comforter, maybe tonight I’ll hold my husband’s hand, just to make sure he doesn’t drift away during the night.


Those pesky squirrels in my backyard are actually doing their part in repopulating the earth with oak trees at the rate of millions every year (#6). Dear backyard squirrels, thank you for forgetting where you bury your nuts, but please quit chewing through my siding. Thanks.

squirrels forget where they bury acorns

Scripture says that if we keep quiet about who God, our Creator is, “…the stones will cry out…”

While that would certainly be a site  to see, I would hate to think that it happened because we had become blind to the wonder of creation all around us. Don’t you agree?

So today I invite you to notice something that makes you happy, that causes you to smile and IF you are having trouble finding something, then take the time to look at this list – something has to grab your attention and trigger a smile – (#57). Worms communicate by snuggling?!


~ becky

For those of you who need to be the center of the universe, even just for a moment, (#46) might be just want you need.