playing go fish

Go Fish.

The other day, I played a highly sophisticated round of “Go Fish” with a four year old. This game involved a pretend pole that we used to “fish” for a new card, my how this game has changed!

Since I’d never played this version of the game, and no rule sheet could be found, the 4-year-old took the lead to teach me the rules. I was soon informed that when “fishing” for a card, I was looking for the number “3” to “fill my boat.” It didn’t take long for this game of Go Fish to become less about the rules and more about the desire to win… (shocking, right??)


It’s hard to believe, I know but my four-year-old Go Fish competition, really wanted to win. And she was willing to bend, change and expand the rules to make sure that happened.

My own desire to win.

As we fished, I couldn’t help but notice my similarity to this 4-year-old and my own dance with desire. How often do I want to change God’s rules to accommodate my desire for certainty? My desire for a needed outcome?

Time and time again, I return to Scripture and I am challenged to trust these Words meant to guide me towards abundant life. And truth be told, I do not always like what I read, and I want to bend the rules that seem to be preventing me from getting what I want. Do I trust that God knows and sees more than what is in front of me?

How often does my Creator graciously play Go Fish with me? Observing how conveniently I shift and change rules to fit my wants and desires?

My desire came toe-to-toe today with a Go-Fishing four-year-old’s desire today, yet at the core, I have to believe it’s similar. Deep down, I believe that just like I wanted this little girl to win, God wants me to win. Am I teachable, willing to be in the struggle to be honest with myself about what really “goes in my boat” and risk laying down that which does not belong?

Simple but true, desire is a part of how we are designed. Maybe learning to notice how we are playing the game of life has something to teach us…

~ becky