A few years ago I met this new pastor that came to the church I was attending at the time. He impressed me with his style of preaching, his plaid shirts but really I liked his shoes…not spiritual (to some) but it is true and I own it that my eyes check out his shoes before I see his eyes.

Our first encounter was less than what you might call ground breaking to building a friendship – I basically emailed him with a request and he turned me down flat with “No I don’t think that is a good idea at all, but thank you very much.”

Ultimately he had to eat crow (it was a good idea) but hey I kind of like that our story includes the forged places of having to pursue one another with vulnerability and trial and error.

Now fast forward nine years and yes we are still friends (occasionally he reads my emails) only now he is writing books.

My friend’s name is

Steve, StevO (I will never call you this).

He is

husband to a beauty

dad to three adorable little men

author of two books

pastor to a quirky community (yes I include myself as a part of the quirky)

bourbon lover

cat-averse human being

avid reader

intro/extrovert (depending on the situation)

lover of language


he experiences the world in stories.

His first book New Beginnings is something that expands traditional language of creation into a way of seeing and living with creation as a part of us and our journey every single day of our lives.

His second is coming out later in August (I think the 22nd is the official launch date, but really I know you can get it now).

WHOLE – Restoring What is Broken in Me, You and the Entire World 


Did you catch the “entire world” portion? Wholeness is not something that is about me, alone, figuring IT out, but instead it is about being with others and in this together as we make great and sometimes really dumb errors.

“…true restoration for one person leads to restoration for another, or it isn’t restoration.”

My brokenness is real and yet I/we (okay I know this is an I statement but I want to feel like we are in agreement) get really good at hiding, masking, renaming or just plain wallowing in it.

What if I am truly made to be whole?

What if wholeness is less of a place and more of a process with one another?

So here is what I am going to do, I am going to step into a scary place myself and do some blogging this month – about Steve’s book, I think there are some great things to be said.

Why is this scary? Thank you for asking, I am not especially fond of blogging  (my last one was four years ago) because maybe I struggle with some perfectionism, okay maybe I also struggle with an inner fear of not having anything worth saying.

Damn – this is part of my brokenness…