I began a journey into the depths of my sexuality to get rid of baggage in my life. What I found was how intimately connected my spiritual journey was to my view of sexuality. As I continued my search for truth, I began to expose and reclaim the truth about myself and my body, confronting the lies that kept me bound for many years.

It is through this experience that I have discovered the healing hand of God in very intimate areas of my life.

I desire for men and women to:

  • HEAL– in their wounded hearts and belief systems
  • KNOW – they are uniquely crafted with purpose by a loving, intentional God
  • VALUE – their design—emotionally, spiritually and physically
  • RESPECT – the differences between men and women
  • TREASURE –  sexuality as a wild and wonderful gift from their God
  • EXPERIENCE – deep freedom and joy in their sexuality

I believe that each of us carries the image of God within us and with that image is an ability to recognize truth. My vision is that when men and women are presented with the holy design of sexuality, next to other, distorted views of sexuality, their hearts would be drawn to the truth, like parched ground craves water.

– Becky Patton